Millán Vicente Cheeses

At Millán Vicente we encourage a healthy lifestyle and know that maintaining a wholesome and well-balanced diet is essential to achieve that aim. Our all-natural, nutritious cheeses come from all over Europe: we select the very best cheeses so that we can provide high-quality products, which we later package in different ways so we can cater to different needs, ranging from large supermarkets to gourmet shops and restaurants. We even package them in such a way that they can be cut to your liking when you buy them.

Spanish cheeses

Cheese is one of the basic food groups that make up the Spanish diet. More than 100 different varieties of cheese are made in Spain alone, many of which boast Protected Denomination of Origin labels.

Millán Vicente strives to offer consumers worldwide a selection of Spain’s best loved cheeses, so that anyone, anywhere, can enjoy a taste of our country.



Millán Vicente also works with the best and most exclusive brands from each region.


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