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Our lifestyle is often fast-paced, meaning it can often be difficult to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet. For that very reason, at Millán Vicente we are fully aware of just how important it is to make natural, high-quality food accessible, to help people live healthier lives. Thanks to our extensive expertise, with more than 20 years of expertise in the field of cheese, and our comprehensive knowledge of the market, we’re experts in what consumers prefer and how they like to enjoy each product.

Since the founding of our company, Millán Vicente has prided itself on the wide variety of cheeses that we sell under our own brand, and you can find us in large supermarkets and restaurant groups alike, both at home and abroad.

Our cheeses come from all over Europe: we select the very best cheeses so that we can provide high-quality products, which we later package in different formats that are perfectly adjusted to our customers’ needs, whether they are intended for counters, displays, self-service or HORECA.

Our slices, portions, assortments and grated cheeses, as well as the other, more innovative products we develop, are all created especially for the food industry’s leading companies, which make the market’s best products available to every home cook.

In order to make sure our cheeses are natural and high quality, each year we submit to IFS and BRC certification audits, as well as internal audits and those requested by our clients. We regularly analyse the raw materials used by our suppliers and adhere to a comprehensive traceability system that we continuously strive to improve. All of Millán Vicente’s personnel receive training in hygiene standards and regulations, as well as on the importance of implementing best practices when carrying out their daily tasks.

That is how things are done at Millán Vicente, to make sure that everyone can enjoy the very best cheese.

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