D.O. Manchego cheese

Manchego is a Spanish cheese made exclusively from goat's milk originating from the region of La Mancha. Its aged texture and buttery yet slightly crumbly consistency can even be somewhat grainy in the case of our most mature Manchego cheeses.
The colour of Manchego cheese ranges from white to ivory yellow and when cut, small holes can often be found.

Soft cheese

Soft cheese, which is made from a mixture of cow sheep goat and cheese, is ideal for its short maturation time. This gives this type of cheese a very smooth taste and texture that delights young and older consumers alike.
It is lighter than most because of its high water content and short maturing time. It's ideal for all kinds of recipes and the perfect aperitif, especially if savoured alongside a sweet wine.

Sheep's cheese

Sheep's cheese is made exclusively from sheep's milk. Its flavour, which is savoury and slightly acidic, can be fairly sharp in the case of our most matured cheeses. Its aftertaste is as unique as it is pleasant, and it combines wonderfully with red wine.

Mixed cheese

A richly nuanced cheese thanks to its composition: a mixture of sheep, cow and goat's cheese, with different proportions of each ingredient. This combination is special in that it gives the resulting cheese a unique colour, flavour and texture that also varies depending on its maturing time. That is why this mixed cheese is loved by all and is so versatile in the kitchen.