Cheese wedges

Millán Vicente's cheese wedges are an easy way to round off your healthy and balanced menu: the very best natural cheese, pre-cut into portions that are ready to be eaten at any time of day.

Assortments of cheeses

Our pre-cut assortments of cheeses are the perfect option if you'd like to offer an eye-catching but simple and delicious snack or side, whether you're with family or among friends. We even have special selections to suit every occasion.

Sliced cheese

Our sliced cheese is the perfect addition to a healthy and balanced diet. We have a wide variety of combinations of ready-to-use cheese, all of which are of the highest quality and retain all of their original flavour.

Pre-cut cheese snacks

Our pre-cut portions of natural cheese were devised with ease of use in mind: so that you can effortlessly savour imported delicacies without having to slice them.

Grated, diced and powdered cheese

These options are designed to give your dishes the finishing touch: salads, pizzas, cannelloni, lasagna, spaghetti... The only limit is your imagination! Liven up your dishes!